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its very interesting tap.and this is so creative tap..only use the small box and pencil and colour paper

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take plastic round box of 2" dia. make a hole on both side. make thin slit in middle of box to pass the tape.

Step 3:

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take pencil 4" long. first stick the measure tape in the middle of pencil.

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take thermocol sheet and cut round piece (2nos) ; make a hole in middle of thermocol.

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put 1no of thermocol piece in the box. insert the tape from inside to outside of box. stick thin card at the bigining of tape with cello tape. now put 2 nd piece of thermocol on the pencil and close the lid.


ram1961 (author)2013-10-19

and penolop thanks for you showing my picture...i will explain can i made it..

ram1961 (author)2013-10-19

hey....yeah u r right....i dont have more can i made step by step...i will try to put photo can i made it..

ram1961 (author)2013-10-18

sooo superb

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