Take AMAZING Pictures With Your Phone!





Introduction: Take AMAZING Pictures With Your Phone!

Want to take great pictures with your phone, but you're not a pro photographer? I'll teach you young student!

Step 1: Setting Up

You will need to setup before you take tasy licks of pictures. This is really important! First you'll need to optimize you're phone with a phone booster app. It will make your phone go faster. Second of all, you need to clean your camera lenses and wipe you're screen clean. Also close all apps.

Step 2: Photo Editing Software

You will need some good photo editing software. I use spinly, but you can use pixlr or whatever other app you want. Spinly lets you overlap photo effects, which I like. Lets flip to the next step.

Step 3: Taking the Picture

This is uber important! You'll need to be super still, or use a phone stand or anything to hold up you're phone, and you'll need to be focused. If you are taking pictures of people, try to get them to stay still. You should also ajust your photo settings to you're liking.

Step 4:

Step 5: Finishing Up

Take the picture and you're done! You can now upload the picture to you're editing app and start working on it. I hope you enjoyed my'ible, and dont forget to check out my others, and please vote for me in the Phone contest and Photography contest! God bless!



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dear cacj131

Please upload photos for steps 1,2and 3 or at least write the booster app and the editor app's name. Also step 4 is empty.BTW nice Ible.

Thanks for the feedback turtle! I will try to update my ible as soon as possible, so hold up! I will also start to make more ibles.

What brand of phone are you using and what is the name of phone booster app? Thanks.

Hey Tater Zoid, I use a Samsung phone, I forgot what model, and I use NQ Mobile Security - Booster for Android. Thanks for checking out my 'ible, and please vote for me in the listed contests!

Tell me how you guys like this 'ible, and post some photos that you guys have made. Please vote for me in the Photo contest and Photography contest! Thanks!