This project is for all of you crafters who need more time to work on your small projects. I designed an embroidery bag several months ago for myself and loved it so much, I made some more and changed it up a bit. I have embroidered almost all my life. I have found that if I keep my small hand sewing projects in a purse or bag, I finish them up fairly quickly.

Follow along to see how to make a Take along bag with a, scissor holder, thimble bag, pockets, and unique ways to store your thread! Follow through and let's get started~

Step 1: Fabric and Tools

Please note that I did not use the metal tape or magnetic strips because I used a button and flap instead.

Take a Long Bag:

One print and one solid cotton and a contrasting fabric, one for the body of the bag and one for the lining as well as the pocket, scissor pocket, and thimble bag.

Fusible interfacing, Sewing thread, Embroidery thread, Embroidery hoop 6 or 8 inch, Embroidery and sewing needles, sewing pins, sewing scissors, mini scissors,clothes pins large and mini, skewer, ribbon, glue, Accessories for filling the bag, embroidery machine or hand embroider, PC and printer, iron/board, two sided tape, pen or pencil, tracing paper, embroidery transfer pencil, Sulky Solvy, tape measure, batting or stuffing,ribbon,and a lighter to singe the ribbons ends. Fabric or heavy ribbon for the handles of the bag, One Button for the bag closure, Embroidery Text pattern or print the one I made.

Here is where I got the fabric stabilizer or transfer for the designs .

<p>I love this. I would probably make a few more pockets--that is just me. Special pocket for scissors--great idea. I always loose mine in the bottom of the bag. I will have to look into the thread catcher.</p>
<p>Hello mrsmerwin, Thank you so much for commenting. Extra pockets are great. I have made these with pocket flaps to secure the contents in the pocket but did not have time for this instructable to do that. A pocket with a zipper inside the large bag would help secure the contents as well. </p><p>Thanks for stopping by and do have a splendorous day~</p><p>sunshiine ~</p>
<p>Zippers are a great idea--better than Velcro which would catch on threads too much. I will have to try that.</p>
<p>I would love to see your version if you make one! Thanks again for your comment and do have a great week~</p><p>sunshiine~</p>

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