Introduction: Take Apart an Old Laptop and Recover Usable Parts

This is an very old laptop from IBM, Model 570 with an Ultra Base. There is a major problem with the laptop and it fails to boot. The cost of repairing is very high, so we left it as it is. As it is lying unused, I thought of taking apart the laptop and recover usable parts from it.

Step 1: Tools and Accessories

I have used the following tools and accessories for opening the laptop and removing parts

  • A Screw Driver set suitable for computer repair
  • A pair of Tweezers
  • A Multi-meter

Step 2: Remove Battery

  • Make sure that the laptop power adaptor is not connected.
  • Open up the battery compartment and remove the battery
  • The battery is made up of individual cells. I have tested each of them separately and found them useless
  • These cells will be disposed off safely

Step 3: Open Top Cover and Remove Key Board

  • Remove screws holding the top cover
  • The keyboard is connected to the motherboard with a ribbon connector
  • Pullout the ribbon connector and remove keyboard

Step 4: Remove LCD Screen

  • Remove the screws holding the LCD Monitor
  • Detach the ribbon cable connecting the monitor with motherboard and remove it

Step 5: Recover LCD Panel

  • Open up the frame holding the LCD panel and gently detach it from other circuit boards below and remove the panel
  • Hold it gently and do not touch the edges and note down the model. It is LP121SP

Step 6: Remove Hard Disk

  • Remove screws holding the hard disk and pull out

Step 7: Recover DVD / CD Drive and Floppy Drive

  • There are few screws holding the DVD / CD drive with the frame. Unscrew them and pull out the drives

Step 8: Locate Other Parts

  • Now the motherboard is exposed and you can locate other recoverable parts
  • Memory module, Lithium cell, Cooling fan, Built-in modem, Network Adaptor and Sound Card can be located easily on the motherboard

Step 9: Remove Memory Module

  • There are plastic clips holding the memory module
  • Press the clips outward and the memory module will pop out from its position

Step 10: Remove Other Parts

  • Unscrew the screws holding the built-in modem, detach the ribbon cable and remove it
  • Remove screws holding Sound card and pull out the ribbon cable
  • Unscrew the Network card and remove it from the frame

Step 11: Recover Cooling Fan and Lithium Cell

  • Detach the cable powering the cooling fan and remove it
  • Unscrew the holder and Pull out the Lithium cell

Step 12: Keep Recovered Parts Safely

I have recovered all the removable parts from the laptop and packed them safely in a card board box. If I need the parts in any of my future projects, I can use it from the collection


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