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Introduction: Take Five - T-shirts

Need a new dress in a hurry! No time to shop. Do you have a few brightly coloured t-shirts hanging around? problem solved!

Step 1: Choose the Bodice

Choose which shirt will be your bodice, and cut off the sleeves and cut off the neck binding. I am using my yellow shirt, as it is a better fit for me (i.e. it's not huge!)

Step 2: Instant Skirt!

Take your other four t-shirts and cut them straight across under the arms. You will now have four tubes of colour! Cut off all the hems.

Step 3: More About the Skirt!

Cut the tubes so that you have four long lengths of coloured cotton,

Step 4: Making the Cuts!

Cut 6 inch fringes along one long edge of each length of cotton. This is a sort of "flapper" effect!

Step 5: Prepare the Skirt

Pin all the strips together, make sure all the fringes are on one side. (that side will be the front - you can sew later)

Step 6: You Have Fringes!

This is what your skirt looks like, with all the fringes on top of each other. After you have sewn them on neatly they are ready to join the bodice.

Step 7: Bodice Meets Skirt!

pin the skirt to the bodice underneath the lower hem of the yellow shirt. Then sew the bodice to the skirt and sew the back seam. (take out the pins!)

Step 8: Instant Dress!

When everything is sewn up, you have it a fabulous/gorgeous/hideous new dress for a hot date! (or a truly weird garment for next halloween!)

Add belt using coloured strips cut off the four skirt shirts!



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    Its so fun looking- it would make me want to twirl around!

    Im going to try this on one of my old hoodies and stuff =)
    *side note* YES I AM WEIRD :D

    To quote my dear old dad, "weird people are the best!"

    ahhhh... your dad sounds weird! Sounds like a cool guy. Right on stinkymum's dad! :0)

    very small stitches - but they do show a bit!

    voted ur gonna win hands down! good job! -gamer

    i think this is really cool and all but the bleach one is gonna win