Picture of Take Revenge: Poke your boss !

hello,I am back with something funny this time....this toy is for the big boys....

Do you work in a office? then probably you have an angry,actually very angry boss,who is always very very angry upon you......he always scolds you for your unfinished jobs,assignments,projects bla bla bla......And you tend to become the hulk.....you want to poke his eyes out,you want to push him down the stairs,you want to roll him over the floor.......but You can't do that,in fear of loosing your job.......here is an easy solution to this problem...............

Introducing the table boss,make him,poke him,roll him,see him getting annoyed,saying no,going insane...watch him heartbeat rise as you roll him........and calm your blood-thirsty soul.

before proceeding further,please watch the video........

Step 1: Supplies !!!!!

You would require........

1. One ball (described in next steps)
2. Six Red Leds + six 220 ohms
3. Two Blue LEDs + two 220 ohms
4. A DAGU micro magician V2 board (I have used it for it's small size and the built in accelerometer)
5. Soldering iron and other tools
6. Hot glue gun
7. A weight >=200grams
8. Some cardboard
9. Three Micro Servos (I used Vigor)
10. Patience...........well I didn't use any.....
Kevinye1 year ago
It's a really cute toy!
Dipanjan (author)  Kevinye1 year ago
X-Saber1 year ago
Dipanjan (author)  X-Saber1 year ago
Hello !
Marik I.2 years ago
That reminds me of the android robot ;D
ynze2 years ago
Did you try to embed the video again? It should work!
Dipanjan (author)  ynze2 years ago
i tried to embed it,but it doesn't seem to work....I clicked the "Insert Video"/"Embed Video" button above the editing window and pasted the Video URL.....but no luck..I don't know what am I doing wrong..
ynze Dipanjan2 years ago
It works for me with Google Chrome on a Mac. Try a different browser, Firefox is supposed to work well with Instructables...
ynze ynze2 years ago
I found this on the forum:

"you have to edit the code


type in the http:

Maybe that helps?
Dipanjan (author)  ynze2 years ago
Ok,shall try later with a different browser.....I hope IE would work..
Dipanjan (author)  ynze2 years ago
like this?

ynze2 years ago
What an incredible fun video you made! You can link to it in the text with html-tags, for the time the embedding doesn't work... (Reliable sources tell me they're working on that, so stay tuned).

Good work!

ynze ynze2 years ago
Btw, it seems that the code for the microcontroller board is missing...
Dipanjan (author)  ynze2 years ago
Now,the code is available. Thanks a lot for informing me.
ynze Dipanjan2 years ago
Dipanjan (author)  ynze2 years ago
Thanks.....I did upload the code.....let me check it again...thanks for the notification..
ynze ynze2 years ago
Video embedding is up again!