Take Super-Macro Photos With Cellphone Camera


Introduction: Take Super-Macro Photos With Cellphone Camera

In this Instructable, I will show how to take amazing macro photos with almost any mobile phone camera.
It can shoot very nearly from the object (about 1-3mm max) putting a small laser lens over phone lens.

- 1 laser lens, you can find it on laser-pens like the one on the photo
- A mobile phone with camera
- A piece of clear tape.

Step 1: Preparing the Lens

this is very easy...
First take the small lens from the laser and paste over the tape.
Then put the lens over the phone lens (like shown on photo) setting it on the center of the phone lens and firmly with the tape.

Step 2: And Thats All!

Thats ALL, no go around taking great macro photos of anything!!!.



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    Nice and simple. Looks like it works great.

    im impressed!

    the cap only get from those laser pens? no other items?

    Cyanide and Happiness!!!! Dude i like your style :)

    2 replies

    lol, it's the instructables robot, but i guess it does look like cyanide and happiness too

    and its an LCD monitor as opposed to a CRT yaaaaay science and technology!!!

    I used a lense from a cd burner and my nokia 6230i mobile. Heres two extreme closeups of my fingerprint and a written full stop.

    0013 edit.jpg0014 edit.jpg0007 edit.jpg
    3 replies

    Wow! Thats freaky stuff :D *breaking open old cdplayer*

    WOW! that's really neat. my macro-camera can't beat that closeup..

    This is cool but I don't have a laser pen hanging around. Would this work with the lens from an old optical disc player?

    3 replies

    Member "nodnodwinkwink" shows a couple pics of his fingerprint using lens from CD burner back on Sep 4, 2009. 6:13 AM and it worked awesome! I don't see why a player lens shouldn't work. Try it! That's the fun of doing this. Experiment!

    It should; I'm not an expert but it's still a laser, albeit a more finely focused one.

    hi there! here is my try :)  www.makroshots.com  How do you like it?

    Lenses are amazing...=D

    Hah that's pretty neat. I can't believe i never thought of that before!

    This is so easy to do that i just might do it xD.

    They look like half of my photos, except they have a nice blur around the edges.