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Taking long exposure using our mobile phone may be impossible due to its less ability rather that DSLR/SLR Camera. You might also get messy result because we meant to have a shaky hand. But using the 3rd party camera and a stable/steady placeholder could make it possible.

Step One:

Attach your device onto the tripod or mobile stand.

Next, go to Play Store and looking for Camera Steak then install.

Step Two:

Once done, try to open the app and set your exposure to hightlights. Then look for a perfect angle then focus the subject.

Step Three:

When you're ready, hold and long press the camera shutter until you get the right amount of data frame compressed. Then tap the check button to see the result.


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GreegG (author)martinhui2015-08-25

Hi @martinhui, what do you mean about its not found, the shelf yet?

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-08-21

Cool picture. It would really help add to the instructable if you added a few more images of the process. You can also setup multiple steps in the editor to make it easier to read.

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