Take Apart Nintendo Stuff With a Flat Head Screwdriver!





Introduction: Take Apart Nintendo Stuff With a Flat Head Screwdriver!

This project is all about taking Nintendo stuff with a flat head screwdriver, Basically it’s an easier way to void you warranties.

Step 1: Geting Screw Drivers.

First you have to get the screw drivers, I know there’s a good set you can get at radio shack for about five bucks, really tiny flat head. different screw driver are good for different products.


the lager screw drivers are good for console stuff like game controllers and Ereaders.

the smaller screw divers are good for portable Nintendo devices like the game boys and the DS.

one last not if you have a small screw driver but it's to big for the thing your working on I like to use a wire cuter and snip a little off the side of the head.

Step 2: Hippies?

beside the fact that I have awesome MS paint skills, and Nintendo might be owned by hippies, This picture is not scaled but the red part is were you want your screw driver.

Step 3: THE End...

that it, but I do want to say that I did brake a screw driver making this instructable...

and if you hack any thing cool using this technique let me know at [http://pudding2290210@aim.com pudding2290210@aim.com]



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    Take a cheap (softer metal) flat screwdriver and fasten it to hard plastic or metal in a way that you can hit it directly in the middle of the flat bit edge with a thin point chisel, or something of similar make and hardness, so that the two sides fold up in a "V" shape. This way you can fit the new tool in two of the wings and get enough torque on the head to not have to worry even about screws secured with thread lock although the soft metal you need to use so that the tool doesn't break while making it assures that it will wear out faster than you would like. If you have any questions on any electrical or electronic project that you are having difficulty finding resources to fix don't hesitate to contact me as I'm familiar with electrical engineering on both military and civilian sides. Its about time we did what we wanted we the things we buy. F@#$ The Police !!!

    it's not hippies, hippies wouldn't cause so much aggravation to so many on purpose.


    Thank you SO MUCH for posting this tip.

    My Fuji F20 camera had a broken LCD. I purchased a replacement,
    but when I came to fit it I was defeated by the miniature
    tri-point screws.

    I spent 2 days trying to find a miniature tri-point screwdriver.

    I believe the required size is #000 or Y000. I found 000 tri-WING
    but no 000 tri-POINT; yes there is a difference see

    BUT 2 minutes after reading your instructable, I was able to
    remove the screws using a small flat blade watchmakers
    screwdriver, and fix my camera.

    Thanks again

    I just made a nintenso ds lite into a gameboy (plays every gen gb game) with a backlit screen and better graphics and triggers

    Why you just don't buy a tri wing screwdriver set. You can find more about it at http://www.triwingscrewdriver.com/

    better yet get a dremel and cut a slit and put ur screwdriver in there. This way u dont ruin anything and the triwings don't really need to be replaced

    I also like to comment that is a great way to ruin a flat head screw driver. I done it 2 years ago on a Game cube controller hack. I had to replaced the tri-tip screws with nice Phillips screws of the same size in order to finish reassembling the game cube controller. You can order the correct screw driver from various sites on the internet. Do not ask me where, google it for your self.

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    What I meant to say is I done that trick to try to open up Nintendo products.
    I ruined a flat head screw driver trying to use pudding22's idea to loosen up those tri-wing screws. Always use the right tool for the right job. Tri-wing screws are semi-common now on the internet if your willing to do some searching. sites like ebay or amazon has the right tool for sale.

    i know i just thought that was daft ha ha ha

    One thing you could do that will still get broken but won't be as valuable is to pound then end of a paper clip flat to use as a make-shift, disposable screwdriver.

    thats not a cnd emblem lol

     Thanks for sharing! I found the mini Phillips I desperately needed on this great discount site. 

    I have just found out how to take apart a GameCube with a BIC Cristal (the cheap, hexagonal one) pen WITHOUT heat. All you need to do is remove the ink cartridge, saw off about a quarter of an inch (6 mm) off of the tip of the pen, and, while pressing down hard, remove the screws like you would other screws. I'll post an Instructable later.

    why in the name of god would i want to do this when am i ever gonna do this and what am i acheiving any way my Ninetendo DS lite cost 99.99£S whay would i want too destroy summin of big value

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    to replace the screen mine broke so i got one on ebay theres an answer!

    How about a Gamecube? GBA? GBC?