Picture of Take-away-bag Duct Tape Flag
I needed to replace my small flag that I hang in my garden as it had gotten faded from light damage. This is my duct tape over a take-away-bag* version.

* OK, I admit I have a few of these even though we use cloth bags at the grocery store...But sometimes I forget to have one of those bags in my car and I get one of these. I DO RECYCLE them faithfully and even use for crafts, as this example shows, but I FEEL GUILTY for having any of these in my eco-friendly, don't even use napkins, household.
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Step 1: Needs

Picture of Needs
take away plastic bag
duct tape in flag colors
sharpie/permanent marker

optional: flag to copy

Step 2: Tape it up!

Picture of Tape it up!
I. Take handles and fold in half. Tape over to make loops to hang flag. Tape along opening of bag to close (and not inflate with the wind).

II. Use duct tape to cover both sides. I used my old flag as a reference. It happened that my old flag and bag were very close to the same size.

III. Use permanent marker, I used a silver sharpie marker to draw any small details like stars.

IV. Display!

Step 3: Tips

Picture of Tips
Boldly tear: I tore my duct tape in half for my stripes. I found that if you "boldly" tear, it works better than small careful jerks.

Hide your mistakes: I didn't mess up on my stars- or actually where I messed up, I hid it successfully. No one is going to take that much time to critique things like your inner critic. And the true artist is one who knows how to hid their mistakes!

If it doesn't work out, try again!: I made a smaller version for my car antenna. It looks great. But when I drove the car it seemed to whip around a lot more than I was comfortable with, so I cut it off before I broke my antenna. I figure I put it up too high and I just need to put down lower...
sunshiine2 years ago
I like this! I would make one if I had the colors. Thanks for sharing.
artfulann (author)  sunshiine2 years ago
You never know when you might need some red and blue duct tape!! ;+) Duct tape comes in so many different colors and patterns...I'll be making some more flags with the different patterns that I have. (My students LOVE duct tape.)
I am sure they do! I have an idea and if I get a chance which does not look so great (too busy) I will share a picture. The flag is an awesome idea actually. You rock!