I needed to replace my small flag that I hang in my garden as it had gotten faded from light damage. This is my duct tape over a take-away-bag* version.

* OK, I admit I have a few of these even though we use cloth bags at the grocery store...But sometimes I forget to have one of those bags in my car and I get one of these. I DO RECYCLE them faithfully and even use for crafts, as this example shows, but I FEEL GUILTY for having any of these in my eco-friendly, don't even use napkins, household.

Step 1: Needs

take away plastic bag
duct tape in flag colors
sharpie/permanent marker

optional: flag to copy
I like this! I would make one if I had the colors. Thanks for sharing. <br>sunshiine
You never know when you might need some red and blue duct tape!! ;+) Duct tape comes in so many different colors and patterns...I'll be making some more flags with the different patterns that I have. (My students LOVE duct tape.)
I am sure they do! I have an idea and if I get a chance which does not look so great (too busy) I will share a picture. The flag is an awesome idea actually. You rock!<br>sunshiine

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