Introduction: Take Control of Your House in 10 Minutes

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Make your own smart phone control for your house.

Bluetooth Controlled Electrical Appliances

Bluetooth controlled Lights, Electrical Equipment,

Smart Phone Based Appliances Control

Bluetooth Based Room Automation

Arduino Bluetooth appliances control

Android app for arduino control

Step 1: Components Required

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1. Arduino Board

2. Bluetooth Module HC-06

3. Relay Board

4. +12V Power Supply

5. Connecting Wires

Step 2: Connect Relay Module and Bluetooth With Arduino

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  1. Connect relay module ground to Arduino GND
  2. Connect RL1 to RL4 to Arduino Pins 9,10,11,12
  3. Connect Bluetooth module GND to Arduino GND2.
  4. Connect Bluetooth module VCC to +5V of arduino
  5. Connect Txt of Bluetooth module to Rxd (0) pin of arduino

Step 3: Connect Power to Relay Board Using M-M Connecting Wires

Picture of Connect Power to Relay Board Using M-M Connecting Wires

  1. Connect GND of relay board to Arduino Ground
  2. Vin/+12V of Relay board to Arduino Vin

Step 4: Software Setup

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  1. Download HC-06 Control.apk Android app from here Link
  2. Copy and download "HC-06 Control.apk" in your smart phone
  3. Check the download from unknown sources setting before installation on your phone.
  4. Allow download/ install from unknown sources
  5. Install the app.
  6. Download Code in Arduino Board. Note: while Downloading Arduino Code Disconnect the Bluetooth module

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Step 5: Testing

  1. Turn on all setup
  2. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and pair it with HC-06 (Pin 1234 or 0000)
  3. After successful pairing start the application
  4. You have done it…..

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PrashantS43 (author)2016-10-02

Good project I have done
Can u please send me the code
email address is -

shamilys (author)2016-02-10

plzzz send the full c code...


shamilys (author)2016-02-10

vry nyc...plzz send me the code..

sillywilly (author)2015-11-29

Home controls have been done that have better range. One is a system built to communicate over the internal AC wiring like X10 and other commercial systems have done decades ago. The other is to build a control system based on wlan as the means of communication. One is wired while the other is wireless. Both accomplish the same goal which is the communication path to achieve home automation over much longer distances. I am not going to provide examples but numerous systems and ideas can be had by googling it! Go forth and prosper!

kewal.rathod.90 (author)2015-09-15

heya you ve made this home automation much easy and understandable for the beginners.even i made the same following up your instructbles instructions but i am not able to control the speed of the fan. and also the bluetooth range is not too good can you please suggest some high range bluetooth.And also i want to modify the android application but have no idea to proceed .

King717 (author)2015-06-01

What are the wires

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