Picture of Take detailed photos with a scanner.
You can take close-up photographs of relatively small items without a great digital camera, macro lens or studio by using a flatbed scanner. Today many printers are also copier/scanners and you can use this capability to photograph items for Ebay auctions or maybe even Instructables. The resulting photos are well lit, show the most minute details and have nice a clean white background or textured contrasting color background.
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Step 1: Gather materials

You'll need:
1. Flatbed scanner with scanning software
2. Item to be photographed
3. A throw, small blanket or velvet fabric, thick enough to block light and large enough to cover the scanner completedly.

Step 2: Pose your subject

Picture of Pose your subject
Arrange your item face down on the scanner glass or position it in such a manner that the section
you wish to photograph is face down on the glass.

Step 5: Scan the item and crop the photo

Using the scanner software, scan the item and use the cropping tool to cut out any excess background space in the picture. Save it as a jpg file if it's going to be used on the web or a bmp or tif file if
it will be printed.
Bad Maxx4 years ago
I stumbled upon this today and must say I'm a bit upset. Not at you but myself for not realizing what I had when I too scanned a dime several years back! Since doing so I never gave it a second thought, in the meantime I've been frustrated repeatedly when trying to take detailed pictures of small items. This includes just in the last month macro pics for eBay, a gunsmith, and a computer repair guy wanting pictures of solder I did! THANK YOU!
merumore (author)  Bad Maxx4 years ago
Glad it helped. It's hard to get those detailed shots unless you have a special camera lens.
Creativeman5 years ago
Nice instructable!  Will keep this in mind for sure. Cman
merumore (author)  Creativeman5 years ago
Thank you.  It's something I tried as an experiment and have found helpful when you need a very detailed shot.