Step 3: Close the Cover

Lower the scanner cover gently and allow it to rest lightly upon the item on the glass. Then toss
the throw or blanket over the scanner to prevent light from escaping during the process.
I stumbled upon this today and must say I'm a bit upset. Not at you but myself for not realizing what I had when I too scanned a dime several years back! Since doing so I never gave it a second thought, in the meantime I've been frustrated repeatedly when trying to take detailed pictures of small items. This includes just in the last month macro pics for eBay, a gunsmith, and a computer repair guy wanting pictures of solder I did! THANK YOU!
Glad it helped. It's hard to get those detailed shots unless you have a special camera lens.
Nice instructable!&nbsp; Will keep this in mind for sure. Cman<br />
Thank you.&nbsp; It's something I tried as an experiment and have found helpful when you need a very detailed shot.

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