Introduction: Make an Old Fountain Into a Decoration

Picture of Make an Old Fountain Into a Decoration

You can make this decoration from an old not working fountain

Step 1: Materials

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A not working fountain

Any plant(I chose mint)

Potting soil


Any extra decoration (rocks,sticks, etc)

Step 2: Steps

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Place dirt in the area of the fountain
Add your plant by making a hole and placing the plant inside
After you have done that, add soil to the sides of the plant
Add any decoration
Make sure to water the plant or hook up a sprinkler

Step 3: Admire!

Picture of Admire!

Admire your work!


Igioteno (author)2015-05-23

Anyway, great idea!

Igioteno (author)2015-05-23

Did you get this reviewed?

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