Taking a $20 Longboard and Making It Worth $100





Introduction: Taking a $20 Longboard and Making It Worth $100

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Most of the actual information is in the picture annotations.

Step 1: Sand All the Paint Off.

If you don't want to sand it all off, you can just use a sheet of sandpaper and rough up the surface uniformly (I didn't because those little red stars were screened on, as opposed to painted).

Step 2: Detailing the Sanding (Plus CLEAN-UP)

Always clean up after yourself. 

Step 3: Painting (Primer)!

Prep for painting by:
1- Clean the surface of whatever you are painting.
2- Set up in a well-ventilated area.
3- Hold your breath (or get a gas mask).

Step 4: Painting! (Color)!

Set up the same as the last step.

Step 5: Painting (Clear-coat)!

There's no pictures because I think you get the idea. Use the same process, but do as many coats as you can (until you run out of paint).

Step 6: Re-Gripping Our Board!

I ordered my griptape from amazon.com, but your local skate shop should carry it as well.
There are MANY tutorials on youtube.com on how to griptape a board, so I would suggest watching some before you do this.

Step 7: Carbon-Fiber Vinyl on the Trucks for an Awesome Effect.

You can get this carbon fiber wrap here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0059XCVVO/ref=oh_o04_s00_i00_details
There are MANY videos on how to wrap an object with vinyl, so I would (once again) suggest youtube.com as a resource to see how I did this.

Step 8: Cleaning and Lubricating Wheels/ Bearings.

Step 9: Put It All Back Together!

All done! Put everything together and ride your born-again board!



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    where does one get a 20 dollar board to start :|

    1 reply

    Walmart. At my local Walmart, they have $30 36" longboards that work surprisingly well. They are made by Kryptonics.

    Where do you get the board?

    Looks good. Where did you get a 20 dollar longboard any way?

    Thank you alot! Ill look on it :)

    So i know that you know alot about skateboards and i just want to know are longboard wheels supposed to be noisy? Because i own a kryptonics cruiser and the wheels are noisy. It's not like the clear ones, its black, does that have anything to do with it?

    1 reply

    The noise could come from a couple of different issues:

    1. The bearings in the wheels are filled with dirt and grime, which makes the ride loud (PLEASE LOOK AT MY INSTRUCTIBLE ON CLEANING YOUR BEARINGS IF THAT'S THE CASE).

    2. Different longboard wheels are designed to have different hardness's, and your wheels might be an extremely hard style- causing a lot of ride noise.

    3. One or two of the wheels might be less than completely attached to your trucks, which would also result in ride noise.

    So, I'd recommend just pulling the board completely apart and clean EVERYTHING, and then put it back together. If you're not comfortable with that, most skate shops will service your board for a small fee.

    It's also new i rode it like 3 times

    Just a quick note: most bearings, even 'unserviceable' ones, can be taken apart. Ones with metal dust caps usually have a small C clip holding the plate on. It can be especially difficult to see if your bearings are dirty.

    1 reply

    This I knew, but thanks for posting. There were a couple reasons why I didn't cover that, and they follow:
    1- These particular bearings did not, in fact, have a c-clip binding, but were instead simply press-fitted. This means that the effort it takes in, well, taking the bearings apart has become greater than it's worth (easier to work to get money to purchase new bearings than to work to get the bearing covers off).
    2- The method of soaking the bearings for a day in alcohol followed by a 1 day soak in 90-weight lube works just as well on all types of bearings, and therefore can be used to describe cleaning methods for all 3 types.

    Thanks for reading through and having the courtesy to point that out! It's good to know that people read these things.