Picture of Simple Picture Merge in Photoshop
Here I have the steps detailing how to take something from one photo, and place it into another photo using basic skills in Photoshop elements 7.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will first need to get a suitable camera for your photo.

I would suggest a higher end model like a DSLR (I can't recommend one sorry) but if you are pressed for money or just don't want to spend so much I would just select a good camera 4 megapixels or more for example (the one i used is 4.1 megapixels).

You will then want to choose a topic and if you will want to meld two pictures together. For my first picture I chose to use fruit and a wine bottle (painted by my Grandpa). I thought it would be good to replace the dull back wall of my cottage with a view of the lake outside.

If you have chosen to go further than just taking the picture and leaving it as is you will need Photoshop Elements 7. This is what I used to do all of the editing and merging of photos but you dont need to do these things.
tanzania663 years ago
Thank you, very handy
vanilla sky5 years ago
The title of this instructable is a little misleading. I was expecting technical tips on how to take good still-lifes.... not a tutorial on how to edit photos. Other than that though it is a great instructable! :)