Taking Apart a 2nd Generation IPod Shuffle





Introduction: Taking Apart a 2nd Generation IPod Shuffle

Here is a full description of how to take apart one of the new iPod Shuffles.
You will a tiny philip's head screwdriver, and something thin and sharp, like a needle.

Step 1: Removing the Casing

First you have to remove the white plastic casing on the top and the bottom. Do this by prying it up with the needle. The pull the switches off the bottom side.

Step 2: Remove Screws and Metal Plates

Unscrew the two screws on each side, and pry off the metal plate on each side with the needle. Here is what you should have now.

Step 3: Pulling Out the Guts

Using the needle, pull out the guts by pushing the needle under the metal piece on the side with the headphone jack, and prying upwards. Thats it, you're done.



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    I have no idea, but self servicing the battery would probably be a bad idea anyway.

    Amazon.com also carries batteries for these players.

    I don't suppose anyone knows how to take the clip off the back of one of these things? 

    isn't the white square thing in picture 4 the battery? I'm sure i've seen them for sale on ebay like that.

    2 replies

    I know people have replaced thei iPod batteries themselves, but I have also read about people's iPods exploding after they replaced the batteries, so replacing it would probably not be the best idea.

    ouch, i've never heard that before!

    I was really hoping to see a simple SD card inside.

    What do you see as the gain in taking one of these apart?

    4 replies

    To fulfil a simple desire to see what it looks like, and subsequently gain knowledge of how it works. That's the reason why I have an urge to look in most of my electronic equipment.

    Thanks. I just wondered. I often have to open something and "get my hands on its little guts," too. Sometimes I can make them work better. Sometimes I am cautious and do not open them, lest I ruin a perfectly good piece of machinery.

    and now i don't have to do it to my one. amazing little things, how they cram so much into such small spaces :) can't wait to see what happens in the next ten years!

    Exactly. And I guess if you had the right battery type, you could service the battery yourself.