Picture of Taking apart a bike's rear cluster
Here I shall be showing you how to take apart the rear cluster (that bunch of gears!) from your bike.

If you're wondering what you'd do with this

I'd recommend this Instructable, it's really cool.

There's also for the DIY lover!

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Equipment necessery will be:

A rear cluster from a bicycle. I got mine from the back of a bicycle store in a big bin full of metal.

A Dremel or other spinning cutting tool with a nice skinny blade.

Degreaser / barbecue cleaner. Grease on your hands for the rest of your day may just cause female relatives to faint.

Safety specs. To protect your peepers from flying cutting discs.

Gloves. Not necessery but useful for keeping your hands free from what the degreaser does not get. I didn't use them, and paid dearly for it.

A screwdriver for a bit of leverage where necessary and changing the cutting disc on your Dremel.

A hacksaw. Makes finishing off the last bit of cutting so much easier.

A vice to hold it when cutting. Not necessary but definitely useful.

Step 2: Degreasing

Picture of Degreasing
Lay your rear cluster out on a piece of cardboard / surface that you don't mind getting ruined and give it a good soaking with your degreaser / barbecue cleaner. Follow the directions on the back but if there are none, then wait 5-10 minutes and wash it off with water from an outside tap, as washing it off in the sink is not recommended.
brainlock3 years ago
I'm hoping to find 4 cassettes in a bike shop dumpster so I can make a 3-strand rope-making machine.

Thanks for this.
Kryptonite (author)  brainlock3 years ago
That would be awesome, I've used one before and it's so incredibly easy to convert a few strands to some serious strength rope.
Masicklazik5 years ago
Hey Nice instructable, didn't miss a bit, I looked for this exact instructable, and found the perfect one, so i was using your instructable for my bike im making, i did not know how to take it appart and keep one specific gear that i wanted, so pretty nice, im making a DJ(dirtjump) Bike out of a normal geared one, ill also make my chain smaller, but now i need an instructable to know how to take the gears wich are near the peddals... hehe..
Kryptonite (author)  Masicklazik5 years ago
Oh wow that sounds brilliant, hope it goes alright for you, keep me posted!
capn5 years ago
Why would one want to take a cassette all the way apart?
Kryptonite (author)  capn5 years ago
Check the last step.

And; I dare you to get imaginative.