Step 5: Making the trunk

Picture of Making the trunk
Modifying a trunk to hold everything was a challenge in itself.  I started with a new trunk, and continued to play around with modifications until I was satisfied that  it would provide a safe "home" for Robot Head 2, and would hold everything I need to make him come alive!

In the 1st photo I have shown where all the components are stored.  EVERYTHING, including a big yellow extension cord that I sometimes need fits inside the trunk.  Pretty much every bit of space is used, including the space provided by the lid.

The 4th photo shows the inside of the trunk with the head removed.  At the back of the trunk I hot glued a "custom" piece of semi-ridged foam (from a shipping box).  This keeps the movable part of the head from flopping around when it is being transported. 

On the left and right sides of the trunk's opening, you can see some black painted wood reinforcement.  I thought the original trunk was not quite ridged enough when the lid was opened, so I added these pieces to add stiffness. 

At the bottom is a shelf.  This gives me enough clearance to house the robot head and to have an area underneath for storage.

This trunk came with a fairly weak set of wheels, so I removed them and added industrial casters.  The casters at the rear are in a fixed position and the front casters swivel. 

In hindsight, I wish I had done more planning for the trunk.  While I am happy with the way it ultimately came out, I went through numerous renditions before I got it right. 

And finally, you probably noticed a lot of stickers on the trunk.  These are duplications of old travel stickers I found on the internet.  I printed them, laminated them with clear film, attached double-sided carpet tape to the back, cut them out, and stuck them on.  I figured they would sort of give the trunk a nice, interesting look.