Talking Arduino Clock





Introduction: Talking Arduino Clock

This project uses the Arduino MEGA and an MP3 player (Adafruit) to not only keep track of the time, but to also have regular 15 minute chimes and to state the time when required.

To keep things simple, I purchased most items from the one store but other locations are equally suitable.


x1 Arduino MEGA board

x1 Adafruit MP3 shield (product id: 1788)

x2 Adafruit 3W 4Ohm speakers (product id: 1669)

x1 Adafruit RTC DS1307 (product id: 264)

x1 Adafruit IR sensor (product id: 157)

x1 Adafruit Perma-Proto Half-sized Breadboard PCB - Single (product id: 1609)

x1 4GB micro SD card

x4 resistors 470 Ohms


x1 Push-button

Step 1: MP3 Shield and Speakers

The MP3 shield is mounted on top of the UNO board and the sound is played through two tiny speakers in stereo format.

Step 2: IR Remote to Activate the Time

I have attached an IR receiver that can be used via a remote control to initiate the time being played.

Step 3: RTC Time Piece

I used an RTC to keep track of the time; this is used to keep the UNO board on accurate time.

Step 4: Code

Note that there are a number of MP3 files used for this sketch. I will upload them some time soon; you can also create your own files as desired such as your own voice!

Step 5: Schematic

The schematic diagram has now arrived: Please send me a comment/question if unsure.


Step 6: Audio Files (MP3)



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    it talks in Vietnamese

    Nice system

    Sir. can you have any code that makes that clock talking hourly or having a time interval ?

    2 replies

    Yes! It is possible. You would simply enter an if statement that checks for the mod 1 of hour = 0 and minutes = 0 and seconds = 0. Then it will recognise a new hour. All the best.

    thank you for your answer sir ! But i don't know how to insert it in the arduino uno. can i have the copy of the code with time interval sir?

    Can we also use a arduino uno instead of arduino mega

    1 reply

    Yes, Although you may have to modify the code(Input and output pins) for the code to work. Not very hard to do.

    Can we also use a arduino uno instead of arduino mega