Picture of Talking Arduino Heart Rate Monitor

My partner and I wanted to make heart rate monitor that does more than simply measure a user's heart rate. Our heart rate monitor talks! Each button gives a verbal description of its functionality and makes the measurements visible on the screen. This monitor will save the last four readings, display them, average them, and also offer some inspirational quotes!

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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
  • Arduino Uno
  • Pulse Sensor
  • Adafruit Wave Shield (Must be soldered by user. This is what makes the device speak!)
  • Adafruit RBG LCD Shield
  • Standard speakers
  • Custom Shield (helpful for mounting multiple shields to the Arduino)
  • USB Cable
  • SD card (8GB is a LOT of space... Even 2GB will do. Make sure to purchase the real SD brand. Fakes are out there.)
psycho.maggot4 months ago

aye lads, Did this heart rate will work if i using another led display such like in this site ?.. please answer me. thanks lads

psycho.maggot4 months ago

damn it, its cool project.

aliumujib7 months ago
hi I need to make a few modifications to this in my project, could you help?
you can send me an e-mail in, I await your reply
binong198 months ago

how can i get a schematic & block diagram of this project?

ihart9 months ago

Awesome project!

nikoala310 months ago


luigimo77210 months ago