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Today you will learn how I made a "Pumpkin Halloween Costume" It may seem like a tough task but if you are patient you to can achieve this build. How ever if you think this project is not for you than maybe some of the aspects you learn will help you create your own project. Either way please feel free to leave a comment of ask questions you may have. If you build this or it inspires your build please post the link or project in the comments section and don't forget to mention me in your project. Thank you and enjoy!

Step 1: Parts and Tools

The parts you will need are;
  • An Arduino
  • A wave shield from Adafruit 
  • 2 Blue mini 8x8 matrix from Adafruit
  • 3 Red mini 8x8 matris from Adafruit
  • an SD card
  • Pref board
  • Header pins breakaway get it here
  • 5 small momentary buttons ( I sourced mine from my parts bin ) spark fun sells these 
  • Small on off switch ( found in my parts bin ) or you can get it from here
  • Hook up wire ( Parts Bin ) I used old computer hard drive cables 
  • Styrofoam Pumpkin ( I used Black )
  • Stand offs 
  • Small amplified mp3 speaker
  • T-Shirt ( I used orange )
  • Velcro with a sticky back
  • Some one (if not you) with a sewing machine

The Tools you will need are;

  • Solder iron and solder
  • Styrofoam pumpkin carving knife ( or Dremel )
  • High temp glue gun ( and extra glue sticks 
  • Spray paint ( same color of pumpkin )

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