Introduction: Talking Usb Penguin!

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You ever want a talking usb penguin? I didn't think so but I made one anyways just because.

Step 1: Supplies

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- Voice recording playback module (greeting card ones work great)

- I-CY penguin ipod MP3 Player
          These things were crap and annoying that's why I took mine apart

- Usb cable

- Color changing leds (you can get them on ebay lots of types)

- Tools

Step 2: Put It Togeather

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The Usb cable powers the color changing leds I hooked them up in parallel and added a 1k resistor. The recording module got glued in the back of the battery pack and everything got hooked up accordingly.

Play button - hooked up to beak switch
Record button - hooked up to the tail switch
speaker - hooked up into the penguin's speaker
Record led - put in the clear tail
Microphone - hooked up to penguin's mic

Most of the moving parts like the wings and the feet got glued down. The usb cable got put through the penguins battery pack (butt)  

Step 3: Done

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Now it all done!


 - Play = Beak
 - Record = Tail


jjwatt2000 (author)2012-06-20

can i buy this

coolstuff14 (author)jjwatt20002012-06-20

Sorry not for sale

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