Picture of Tall Bike Project
My nephew and I were looking at a cool book about building wacky bikes. We decided a tall bike would be a good one for a first project.

This was an educational adventure as well. He learned how to work with metal, create from instructions and expand his comfort zone with some adventure.
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Step 1: The Parts

Picture of The Parts
We started with 2 junk BMX bikes from the parts pile. We used the following
  • 2 frames (note: we actually used 3 frames, but that was because I did not have a fork for the top frame and had to improvise.
  • 2 wheels
  • 2 cranks, 1 modified
  • 2 forks, 1 cut down to just the bearings and stub out bottom
  • 1 stem
  • 1 seat and seat post
  • 1 piece of scrap angle iron
  • 1 piece of scrap pipe
  • 2+ bike chains. We pieced together 2 full ones and a partial.
  • Some scrap 2x4's were used to hold it together while welding.
Super sweet instruct-able thumbs up
couchchangeracing (author)  23mcharlotte3 years ago
Thanks, I am getting better with each one.

Timfee3 years ago
looks like a good technique to align the bikes properly !
couchchangeracing (author)  Timfee3 years ago
Thanks, it worked surprisingly well.