In this instructable, I'll show you how I built a twisted vase (or pedestal) from multiplex (plywood) boards.

Step 1: What You Need

Multiplex boards (I had some scrap boards, all of the same thickness)
Saw (I suggest a circular table saw, for precise repeatable cuts)
cardboard for template.
some scrap wood.
baking paper (or anything else to separate wood while gluing).
belt sander (Use a fresh sanding belt!)
Sandpaper or sanding machine to sand concave forms
oh...i shall one day try both your vases...no lather and tools but i think an angle grinder with a sanding pad should do it! <br>your stuff are beautiful!!!!
:-)<br>An angle grinder might work even better than a belt sander, I just didn't have one.<br>They are really fun to make.<br>
how do you sand inside surface <br>
I didn't;-) it was originally planned as pedestal. Therefore it would have been upside down, but you barely see inside when using it as a vase, too. <br>
Wow! Very nice. Great use for scrap, I'll have to apply this method sometime.
That looks really nice. <br> <br>Did you lacquer / oil the inside as well? <br> <br>
Thanks:-) <br>I didn't lacquer/oil it on the inside. It is only used for dry or artificial flowers. <br>There're also still steps on the inside as it is not sanded there. So it would be quite a pain to paint it on the inside... <br>Or you could just pour in the lacquer/oil and turn it around slowly until everything is covered.

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