Taming a Mustache





Introduction: Taming a Mustache

Learn how to create an elegant mustache!

Here's what you'll need:

Small scissors


Mustache Wax of choice

Step 1: Grow

First you need facial hair. Growing can take a while.

Step 2: Trim

Once it is long enough be sure to trim any scraggly hairs, especially in the center of your lip. Constant maintenance is a must!

Step 3: Comb

Once you are nicely trimmed up, comb out your mustache to the sides. This is also called "training" your mustache, do it constantly and your hair will begin to grow this direction naturally.

Step 4: Wax

Apply a small amount of wax to each index finger and evenly rub you thumbs to them. A little goes a long way here!

Gently massage the wax into each side of your mustache so it is evenly coated.

Step 5: Twist

Work your way to the ends of each side, and twist gently. Depending on how long the sides have grown, you can really get creative with how you style.

Step 6: Admire

Congratulations! You now have an badass mustache!



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    5 Discussions

    i have the same wax but only medium hold...wish I had the heavy hold.

    How long does the training take? I've been combing mine for awhile but still grows straight down. I only use beard oil. Thank u!

    1 reply

    I've been working on mine for a solid 5-6 months so far, it definitely takes awhile and really depends on person to person. Personally I found using moustache wax and combing it in really helps tame it. Hope that helps.


    Doc Holiday look.

    Very stylish. Nicely done!