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Introduction: Tandem Recumbent Bike

These are a few of the bikes I have made in the past. The first one was held together with rivets and then silicone which looked like it was welded. the second and best was the Tandem recumbent bike I built in Mexico in 2003 and the last bike I built which started out as a side be side and worked better as a single bike. I will try to put an constructable for each if there is enough interest. I am thinking of building another tandem bike soon.



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    Tandem recumbent bike its so informative article. I am funding about<a href="http://yourecumbentbike.com/">Recumbent
    Bike</a>. Recumbent Bike is very good for body shape.

    Very nice recumbent side by side tandem. What are the Max passenger and luggage limits and do you have any plans etc. on its construction?
    Thanks, jenni

    I really like the looks of your tandem recumbent and the bride and I have been talking about getting a tandem bike. I would really like to see an instructible for the tandem.

    ~Peddle on!

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    I am planning to build another one and this time I will write a how to with detailed pictures. As soon as I have them I will contact you.


    Looks interesting. How does it steers? Is it hard?

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    I will upload some new pictures and instruction soonest. Thanks for your comment.


    I'd love to see a build of this.