Introduction: Tandoori Broccoli(Baked Broccoli)

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-Tandoori broccoli is one of the spicy finger licking food . By Marinating florets with yoghurt and all spices makes it yummy with rich flavour and nice taste.

-As we are using very little oil for baking it is healthy too.


-20 broccoli florets

-one cup thick yoghurt or( greek yoghurt)

-Any cooking oil.

-Grated cheese


- 1tbsp Red chilli powder

- 1tbsp coriander powder

- 1tbsp Tandoori masala

- 1tsp Garam masala



Step 1: Preparing Thick Curd:

Picture of Preparing Thick Curd:

-If you dont have thick yoghurt you can prepare thick yoghurt by removing the whey.

-Take normal yoghurt in muslin cloth and hang over for 30 minutes.

-After 30 minutes you can see all whey is removed and you will get thick yoghurt

Step 2: Boiling Florets:

Picture of Boiling Florets:

-Take broccoli florets and add to warm water and just boil for 4 minutes.

-strain the water from florets and cool them

(1 cup thick yoghurt is enough for 20 florets)

Step 3: Marinating:

Picture of Marinating:

-Now take thick yoghurt in bowl add grated cheese and all spices, turmeric,red chilli powder,coriander powder

Step 4: Add Remaining Spices:

Picture of Add Remaining Spices:

-Add garam masala,tandoori masala, salt and mix every thing.

Step 5: Add Florets:

Picture of Add Florets:

-Add florets and a tsp oil and mix everything so that florets are nicely blended with yoghurt and all spices.

-Marinate for 1hr

Step 6: Baking

Picture of Baking

-After 1 hr you can see florets absorb the yoghurt and thick texture is seen.

-place the florets on the wire rack and bake at 200 degrees for 20 minutes.

-when you see entire coating is absorbed by florets and light color change you can remove them.

-serve with salad and lime juice. For extra spicy sprinkle chat masala powder.


flyingpuppy made it! (author)2016-04-23

I just realized I used tikka massala instead of tandoori. Also used cauliflower and potatoes instead of broccoli. And I think the 200 degrees is centigrade. It should be at least 400 F. Even at 400F, it took 20 minutes on one side and 30 minutes on the other. But man, is it ever yummy! Thanks for the recipe!

navneetha (author)flyingpuppy2016-04-23

Thanks for trying and liking the recipe flying puppy:) Temperature I used is 200 degrees centigrade which is equal to 400 fahrenheit. Again baking time depends on the size of florets.As seen in your pic florets size were quite big and mine were small so they cooked little faster and turned brown in color in 25 minutes.

That Redhead (author)2016-04-20

This looks fantastic!

navneetha (author)That Redhead2016-04-20

thank you KARICURLETTO:)

gritter 1979 (author)2016-04-20

that's 400degF for Americans...

navneetha (author)gritter 19792016-04-20

ya it is 400 degree fahrenheit and in celsius 200 degree.

jonesaw (author)2016-04-20

I love it! thank you for sharing

navneetha (author)jonesaw2016-04-20

Thank you jonesaw.

wold630 (author)2016-04-20

This sounds absolutely delicious!!

navneetha (author)wold6302016-04-20

thank you wold630.You try and let me know how it tasted.:)

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