Introduction: Tandy Leather - Shoulder Holster Made With Basic Tools

I made this entire shoulder holster using just basic tools and veg tanned leather purchased from Tandy Leather

Step 1: Pistol Holster

Step 2: Clip Holster


SamuraiBobX26 made it!(author)2016-10-05

This looks like a fun project. Could you add the steps it took to get the finished product. Also, they are magazines and not clips. Lol. But it looks great and I would love to see the process.

seamster made it!(author)2016-10-05

Wow, this is gorgeous work!

Got any photos of any of the process of making this? If you did, those would be really neat to see included. This looks like fine workmanship, so any how-to details would be greatly appreciated! :)

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