Step 6: Light your candle!

Picture of Light your candle!
Take a lighter (or matches) and hold it to the wick. Because the wick is still slightly damp, you'll need to hold the flame on it for a few seconds to dry it out and let it soak up the oil.

Once the wick stays lit by itself, place the other half on top and enjoy.

If you are having trouble with the wick (e.g. too short, burning too fast, etc.) you can combine this instructable with the following one: Make an oil burning candle. You can use the wick and the oil to make a very re-used candle.

The bottom half of the candle will last a long time because the oil soaks into the skin and preserves it. If you add a wick, you can prolong the life of the candle for quite a long time.
Thats awesome :)
havent tried it yet but i will as soon as i get some clementines☺
LemonLily6 years ago
That is so true. I've always wanted candles but I've never liked the smell of the candle wax. Now we get natural stuff, hurray! Thank you for making this instructable. I enjoyed reading it. It looks sooooo pretty too. I have a question, is it really safe? As in would the whole thing go on fire? I'm only asking because I'm 12. Safety is important.
bluesky (author)  LemonLily6 years ago
Safety is very important. If you are using a fresh tangerine peel, you should be able to avoid, the peel catching on fire. The peel contains a lot of moisture and given the conditions needed to keep the oil burning (a good wick for proper flame position, etc.), it is difficult for the whole thing to catch on fire. That isn't to say that it can't happen sometime. These should be lit and burned on a surface that is fire resistant at a minimum, just to be careful if it is left unattended. For both effect and safety, I highly recommend floating them in a large bowl of water.
AMAZING!!! scented candles w/o the harmful chemicals or expense! YAY!!!!