Step 10: A DVD TV combo player works very well at this center too.

Picture of A DVD TV combo player works very well at this center too.
There are a ton of books that have been turned into a cartoon animation.  It is possible to buy these books on video fairly cheaply.  The DVD version of a book gives students a third modality to explore a story.  It's an awful lot of fun reading a story from a conventional book and then having kids explore the story via video independently--The video versions have sound effects and music.     

Once kids are trained, they can select the stories they want to watch.  The listening center and video center concept is great for a wide range of students.  The stories tend to last about 8 to 10 minutes.  After listening/watching students tend to enjoy writing a book report on the story the experienced.

**Always check the sound levels before letting kids use a listening center

**A few people have suggested using ultra sound speakers to set-up direction sound environments, thus negating the need for headphones.  Some research has found that ultra sound waves might  not be suitable for daily use.  

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