This project fairly straight forward and only needs a few supplies:

Heat-Shrink Tubing
Solding Iron (you can get away with a lighter)


Step 1: Cut Headphones/Stringing the Paracord

This step may seem heartbreaking but you'll have to cut the headphone wire in three places. Around 1" before the three wires intersect  is where you'll cut and strip the 3 wires.

Once you have the 3 separate strands of wires apart, you'll need to cut paracord that's the same length of the wire.

Next remove the inner strands of the paracord, leaving just the outershell

Finally, string the headphone wire through the outer shell of the paracord, this can be be done by "scrunching" up the paracord and then extending it over the wire. This may sound strange so refer to the video on the first step if you're confused!

<p>Snapped my ear phone wire. Good opportunity to upgrade instead of just fix them.</p>
<p>Turned out awesome!</p>
<p>Unfortunately I have never worked with paracord but I plan on sourcing some here in South Africa and having some fun with it. As a result excuse my potential ignorance but isn't the sheath's weave like the one they use on chinese finger traps (I don't know the actual name on the weave) in that you can increase the diameter of the sheath by pushing it together? In which case could you not just expand it over the 3.5mm jack? I realise that wouldn't help on the ear piece wires but it would minimise soldering and mean that you could keep the junction in tact</p>
<p>this is great would this work on an ipod recharger cord? </p>
<p>I'm sure it would but watch out as will have two very fine data wires to solder. They tend to have horrible insulation that stretches and shrivels with heat. I suggest burning the insulation off rather than trying to strip it conventionally. </p>
<p>Instead of taking out the inner wire from the paracord, you could tie it to the headphone wire and pull it through.</p><p>Otherwise, great idea.</p>
<p>That's an awesome idea, would have never thought of that!</p>
<p>Nice idea and well done.</p><p>Thanks,</p><p>Bill</p>

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