Ask your friends to solve this puzzle for fun. If they solved it the then you must be a genius because your friends are.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

A. Materials in this project does not cause a thing. It is made from items you can find in hardware store or while walking down the street. They are the following; See picture

  • PVC sheet (3x50x75 mm) if it not available use old credit or ATM card
  • 2mm diameter string 230 mm long (I used the string from and old ear plugs)
  • 2mm diameter string 115 mm long
  • rubber washer with 10 mm hole (I used a washer from a tex screw. The one they used to fix roofing panels

B. Tools required are the following,

  • Multi tool (Plier, Knife)
  • Hack saw
  • Drill
<p>Its awesome, I made it, and solved it. got some bucks by challenging my friends........hahaha.... good job.</p>

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