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Introduction: Tangram Jam

About: Will Bosworth, developing projects for HowToons @ SquidLabs.

print out the supplied 8" x 8" tangram sketch, paste to thick/stiff material, cut pieces, and play for hours.

Step 1: Materials, Print Tangram.pdf

tangram.pdf is an 8" square tangram drawing. it should print nicely on an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper. Size it up or down to your liking.

other materials:
+ cardboard as big as tangramp printout
+ box cutter / knife
+ straight edge
+ spray adhesive, or glue

Step 2: Paste Printout Onto Cardboard

if you've never used spray adhesive before, read the label for proper use.

when you're done with the spray, remember to spray the can upside down so you can use it again some other day.

Step 3: Cut Along Tangram Lines

cut out the shapes of the tangram pieces. try to keep your blade perpendicular to the paper so all of the pieces match up nicely. put something under the carboard to you don't cut the nice paper you're working on.

Step 4: Play Tangram

these things are pretty cool. keep a set lying around for when your brain isn't working and you need some easy imagination. there's lots of resources online for cool stuff to make out of tangrams if that's you thing.

have fun



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    It's great to have a printable template, though. See my comment above :)

    You should tag this with the following tags: Kids, toy, toys, education, art This is great. I'm making a set for my kids. Or two.

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    I made up six sets, cut out of different colors of cardstock, and added a couple of extra shapes from the offcuts, and my kids & their freind played with them for HOURS today. Thanks for posting it!

    This is a great tool for freeing up some creativity - I'm definitely going to make a set. Thanks!

    Neat idea :) You could paint the bits different colours, too! Might have to do this (on work time - LOL)