Picture of Tangram Jam
print out the supplied 8" x 8" tangram sketch, paste to thick/stiff material, cut pieces, and play for hours.

Step 1: Materials, print tangram.pdf

Picture of Materials, print tangram.pdf
tangram.pdf is an 8" square tangram drawing. it should print nicely on an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper. Size it up or down to your liking.

other materials:
+ cardboard as big as tangramp printout
+ box cutter / knife
+ straight edge
+ spray adhesive, or glue
this is a really lame instructable why not just use this http://cs.bmcc.cc.or.us/mth213/Labs/online%20tangrams.htm
It's great to have a printable template, though. See my comment above :)
jauncourt7 years ago
You should tag this with the following tags: Kids, toy, toys, education, art This is great. I'm making a set for my kids. Or two.
I made up six sets, cut out of different colors of cardstock, and added a couple of extra shapes from the offcuts, and my kids & their freind played with them for HOURS today. Thanks for posting it!
Robotrix9 years ago
This is a great tool for freeing up some creativity - I'm definitely going to make a set. Thanks!
krusty9 years ago
Neat idea :) You could paint the bits different colours, too! Might have to do this (on work time - LOL)
PetervG9 years ago