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Introduction: Tank Girl

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Who doesn't love Tank Girl?!



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    Love this! I thought you'd appreciate our family cosplay. We went to the museum that has the actual tanks from the movie, my daughter brought all the 'junk' on them from her 'lair', I made all the costumes except the bullseye shirts that my girl made in her screen printing class. The helmet was made with the liner from a real military helmet (lighter weight), covered and distressed w/ fake fur. I guess I need to get in the habit of keeping track of what I make as I make it! Enjoy! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.498863515814.295477.675435814&type=1&l=8d3d5a2dd3

    Super cool!!! My favorite comic & movie!! This is the best Tank Girl costume I've seen & I've seen a few!!

    From the movie:

    "What did you used to be?"

    "I used to be a cop!"

    Can't help but hear that line everytime I see Ice-T.


    I don't know Tank Girl, but I love your costume all the same!

    TANK GIRL! Jamie Hewlett is most definitely my favorite artist of all time. As far as visual art goes. Although I guess my favorite band was also originally drawn and animated by him too. Gotta love the Gorillaz :) Hahaha. Nice job.