Make a Tank Top From an Old T-shirt





Introduction: Make a Tank Top From an Old T-shirt

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These have to be some of my favorite summer tank tops.
Let me show you what to do...

Step 1: Get an Old T-Shirt

Step 2: Cut the Sleeves Off

See photo for instructions: 

Step 3: Cut the Neckline

Step 4: Cut the Backside

Step 5: Make the Ties for the Back


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!!!

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Happy Crafting!

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Cant wait to make this and just had another idea for the left over sleeve. Hem around the neck cut out and and cut 2 strips from back scrap. Take the first strap n attach to each end of the collar. You can add ribbon or raffia around the curve finish. An instant baby bib. Neat huh! Gonna post when i get it made.
Thanks for sharing your talent. Keep up the crafts!!

I did okay. It isn't pretty, but I am wearing it to a punk show, so it's perfect.

I tried it and it's probably not as good as yours but I like it


Pretty neat! Check out my diy for a wiring time saver. I bet it would help you, and feel free to vote?


3 years ago

my wife look very pretty with it!


love this thanks anyone know more intructs like this please. , message me thanks

Brilliant! I got a bloody huge Finisher t-shirt at my half-marathon... Now I can actually wear it in public! I'm definitely hemming, though.

I was at your blog earlier as i was doing a mass online search of up cycled projects for shirts and i decided against doing one of these as i had done a few to no avail but having found some larger shirts and your post again i'm inspired to give it another go!

The back looks great! You should include a picture from the back in this instructable. Nice to see other people's pics.

Love it....have you been to Thailand? I used to live there

That's awesome!!!! Thanks!

I'm so gonna make this with the next large tshirt that crosses my path! thank you for the great idea!!