Picture of TankTop Hybrid Arcade Machine!
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As a tribute to my high school electronics and engineering classes, I decided to leave them a gift that would attract new students and be entertaining. What better to do so than an AWESOME Arcade Machine!

Design Choice:

For this arcade machine I wanted the feel of a full sized cabinet, but with the portability of a bartop cabinet. There were no real options or previously done hybrid cabinets that I could find, so I decided to draft my own design and build a cabinet from scratch!

If you noticed, the arcade was built from plywood and not MDF. Personally, I would have chosen MDF as it is much, much easier to work with, but my electronics teacher insisted to have the archaic feel of a table top cabinet (stained wood). As a compromise, we decided to have the sides digitalized and the middle portion stained. 

Step 1: AutoCad Files and Drafts

Here are the files needed to complete the arcade cabinet:

Original Drafts: 90* Corners - Adobe Reader (.pdf)
Original Drafts: 90* Corners - Autodesk Inventor Files(.dxf .iam .ipt)

*****These are the plans for the arcade with sharp corners. Sharp corners are easier in the cutting, aligning, and assembly of the arcade cabinet, but are TERRIBLE for T molding and finishing of the cabinet.

New Drafts: Rounded Corners - Adobe Reader (.pdf)
New Drafts: Rounded Corners - Autodesk Inventor Files(.dxf .iam .ipt)

*****These drafts are what I would recommend in building, rounded corners are more aesthetic and easier to work with in the long run.

****Drafts will be available by 4/24/2013 (I'm working on 6 new Instructables :/ but I'll have the drafts ASAP)******
Whoa! I love the cabinet and you did an excellent job of documenting this :D
husamwadi (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
Thank you! I really appreciate it :)
cool instructable, i need more info for connect the cpu to the crt tv
husamwadi (author)  metalbuilder2 years ago
Sure thing! Your best bet is to use an older laptop that has S-Video output.

Then use one of these adapters to convert the video from S-Video to Yellow Composite........or RGB if your TV supports RGB (Red, Green, Blue): 

S-Video to Yellow Composite

S-Video to RGB 

(Make sure to take note if your S-Video Laptop is 7 pin or 4 pin. If it is 4 pin, you can't do RGB).

If you don't have S-Video, that's fine, your next best bet is VGA, BUT you need a converter box. 

You can convert VGA straight to Yellow Composite through this adapter:

VGA to Yellow Composite

I wouldn't recommend using a hdmi -> crt tv, because all you're doing is downgrading the image quality to match the crt display, and it is more practical to go with VGA.

Thanks, and if you need help on the terms (like "whats yellow composite") just shoot me another message!"

ecsaul232 years ago
Awesome job! Great work and great communication and documentation. 10,000 cool points to you :p
Sowee2 years ago
That's nice! Makes me want to build one, haha.
Sweet design, man! Props from a Cape CTC graduate!
husamwadi (author)  Lemonmaster02 years ago
Hey thanks! If you're in the area, stop by the ctc anytime, the arcade machine is in the audio-visual room and I usually hang out in the electronics class :)
Very, very quality work, I am impressed. Props bro.
Apolo82 years ago
Really nice! keep on posting