Step 2: Disassembly...

For my lights the disassembly was really straightforward. The whole light is kept together with just (4) small screws at each corner.

1. Remove the battery cover.
2. Remove the light bulb by twisting the circular plastic housing.
3. Remove all four screws.
4. Carefully remove the back plate. There are three springs, make sure they don't fly off!
5. Set aside the top, the large plastic retaining ring, the four screws and the three springs.

Now we must remove the existing switch which is an OFF-ON switch. These will come in handy for some future project, I'm sure.

1. Simply pull up on the switch and it should freely come out of the plastic housing it sits in.
2. You'll notice three legs on the switch, two of which are solder to red wires.
3. You need to desolder these wires from the switch.

Finally we need to pull the light base out of the plastic housing. I used a pair of pliers and gripped the metal as far down as I could and gave it a quick tug. I'll save the bulb and socket for later use in another project.