Step 8: Testing and Finally Assembly

You just need to reassemble, a few things to pay attention to when reassembling the light.

1. Make sure you line up the slots in the light lens with the screw posts in the retaining ring.

2. Make sure you have put the three springs back into the holes. (2 will be in holes, 1 will be on a post) (image 1)

3. Make sure all wires are free and not pinched by the plastic retaining ring!

CONGRAGULATIONS! You now have a working auto-off LED tap light.

I hope you guys enjoy this instructable, please feel free to visit my blog to see some other neat projects I've been working on!

This is exactly the circuit I was looking for. I play paintball and make mask fans. Problem is I make them to quiet and forget to shut them off. What specs would I need for about 15 minute run time of a 5 volt fan .4watts running off of 4 AAAs or 3AAAs? Looking for a very small circuit.
THIS&nbsp;IS&nbsp;SO&nbsp;<strong>AWESOME</strong>.&nbsp; Thank you INTERNET for again, making my day<br /> <br /> GREAT&nbsp;INSTRUCTABLE, so detailed. great pictures Thanks for the reference link. Glad my site was helpful.<br /> <br /> <br /> -Dane<br /> transistor-man.com<br />

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