Another instructable dedicated to gardening that is my passion seasonal
It's a simple tap on "strozzo" that can be useful when water the garden for not wasting water. it is simple to build, super cheap (I used all waste material and as such can be constructed by anyone with a little handworks and at no cost.

Step 1:

the operation is understood by looking at the figures:
1)handle released: through the elastic back the tube remains throttled and the water does not pass.
2)handle pressed: the bottleneck opens the water flows
great idea--you do know most people skip the "handel"--i have always done this with out the handel' BUT im going to make one! .Thanks.
Thank you georion! I wanted to ask if I have understood your comment: you want to tell me that this is a good way to not spend money. I understand you correctly?<br>
<p>Thanks for the appreciation Kiteman!!1<br /> I welcome the oblervation, also seems to me very effective as a title, it will substitute with your second tip.</p>
That's a great idea.<br /> <br /> I would suggest re-naming your project, something like <em>&quot;Make your own hose tap&quot;</em> or<em> &quot;DIY&nbsp;control for garden hose&quot;</em>, so that people know what you are making.<br />

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