Instructables is happy to announce the winners of the Keep the Bottle Contest. We asked you to submit cool new uses for plastic bottles and the response was huge! Over 170 entries were submitted that covered a wide array of uses. A lamp, an algae bioreactor, pranks, and a hydroponic system are just a few of the ideas that were entered.

Once again we wish we had way more prizes to give out to everyone. There was so much good stuff entered that we encourage everyone to check out the contest page to see all the entries so that the next time you're looking at a plastic bottle and need a project you'll have plenty to choose from.

First-Prize Winners

Authors of these entries will receive a solar-powered backpack from Voltaic, the Converter. Never run out of juice for your electronics again! Also a refillable Tap'dNY Sigg bottle, an Instructables Robot t-shirt, patch, and stickers.