Picture of Tape Converter
converts sound from a standard headphone jack so that you can play it thgough a tape player
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Step 1: Parts

Picture of Parts
3.5mm headphone jack
magnetic head from old tape player
old tape

Step 2: Solder

Picture of Solder
Solder the magnetic head to the jack

Step 3: Open up the tape

Picture of Open up the tape
first remove the inards, then un-screw all the screws on the tape to open it up.
remove all of the parts

Step 4: Cut off...

Picture of cut off...
cut off the screw holder thingy, that is in the way of the tape head

Step 5: Glue

Picture of  glue
hot glue in the tape head. the tape head goes in the middle "slot"

Step 6: Done

Picture of Done
feeed the wire3 out the top and then close the tape back up. I reccomend testing it before closing it then your done!

Step 7: Cut off...

enter longer descriptoin for this step
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Hmm, I did not know it was this simple to make, I'm glad I did not by a converter at the Source (radioshack) for 40 dollars, I'll have to try this one out for sure. Thanks for the 'ible!
Badetise4 years ago
i wnt to make one of these but i dont have the tape head thing i saw another online that used air core (nothing inside) electromagnet simply hooked up the the jack.. would that werk too/
jridley7 years ago
I don't think this will work with any of the players I have; they all have sensors to tell if the tape reel is still moving, and if not, they assume the tape is at the end and reverse or shut off. Commercial tape adaptors have some gears inside so that when the player turns the hub on one side, the other turns too, fooling the player into thinking that there's a tape in there and it's playing.
sk8er6 jridley5 years ago
all you have to do is run a rubber band between each wheel. this is a good project if you happen to have random crap lying around.
ramroids557 years ago
Hmm, why not just go buy one of these?. their less than $5 at Wal-Mart
wal-mart is in america
admanrocks (author)  ramroids557 years ago
why must you poop on my parade?
Because, i have poopy-parade- itis.
admanrocks (author)  ramroids557 years ago
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that...
so when is ramroids55's surgery? the one where he gets that giant stick rmoved from his butt
Oh, I though I was going to shove one up. Wait, maybe that was my boot.
Hmm, iono when my surgery is. ill have to ask your mom, she's in charge of my schedule
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Combo Breaker.
Thats horrible. My condolences. :'(
Wal-mart is about 100 miles away from where I live. This instructable is great for kids who don't get paid $20 an hour, and people who live in the middle of no-where.
why not just go to tacoma and buy a sony portable ipod charger for $99?
dg336 years ago
very good Instructable id do this hum not so sure on the mono thing ( I think it Would be cool to make one of these with a radio fitted inside it just for the sake of it (or with a mem card reader in it)
dg33 dg336 years ago
Just thought (douse it have to be a special write head or will a regular tape read head work????) thanks
vjoshi8 years ago
I have done it simplly, just get tape adoptor. It'll cast you $5.00 only. Instant PnP.
Why pay $5.00 for something that someone has just shown you how to easily construct for free out of spare parts that you can easily find laying around? This is a DIY site, and this DIY is simple enough. Ofcourse, if you can't spell basic words like "simply", "adapter", and "cost" then I guess these instructions might be too complicated for you.
true that
Sure, DIY is cool if you have lots of spare time. But if it takes an hour to build this thing out of spare parts that I may or may not have lying round and I can buy it for $5 and earn $20 for my hour at work then the DIY version makes no sense... except for educational purposes... and perhaps environmental recycling... I never had much luck with solder... Olmec Sinclair (
well then perhaps this instructable isn't up your alley. For those who enjoy tinkering in their spare time and doing things "just because they can" this could be a fun little time killer that you get something functional out of in the end.
well at least he did something out of boredom to find out to get this for free so it's a good thing or you can always go to the 99 cent store they have these
Must i use an old magnetic head for this to work? Can I use something else, like a regular magnet, or is that a dumb question?
the magnetic head is a magnet with a coil (coils?) of wire, which pick up the inductance of the tape as it goes by if i remember correctly, but you wouldn't be able to use a normal magnet.
theadamlevy7 years ago
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theadamlevy7 years ago
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llama lord7 years ago
i cant see a god damn thing....
admanrocks (author)  llama lord7 years ago
ya, I know, those pictures suck
tomw927 years ago
in my mams car she has a cd play with no tape, i dont want to buy an fm transmitter because they are quite costly. any ideas????
admanrocks (author)  tomw927 years ago
well, you ould install an auxillary jack, I think there might be an instructable for that.
Lancealator7 years ago
for some reason mine isnt accepted by cars tape players and even if it is in there is no sound please respond.
admanrocks (author)  Lancealator7 years ago
ya, i don't know to tell you the truth, it could be many things. perhaps your head is not lined up right, soldering could be bad, you could have soldered the wrond pins. did you try it in a tape player other than your car?
Yeah it works in normal tape players just not car ones i think it might be either the wire coming out or the fact that i took out the inside wheels.
robot8 years ago
i made it. it works, it works! :-)
admanrocks (author)  robot8 years ago
hey, can you E-mail me or post up a pic of the wires and what goes where on a Mono and/or stereo magnet reader. Thanks!
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