converts sound from a standard headphone jack so that you can play it thgough a tape player
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Step 1: Parts

3.5mm headphone jack
magnetic head from old tape player
old tape

Step 2: Solder

Solder the magnetic head to the jack

Step 3: Open up the tape

first remove the inards, then un-screw all the screws on the tape to open it up.
remove all of the parts

Step 4: Cut off...

cut off the screw holder thingy, that is in the way of the tape head

Step 5: Glue

hot glue in the tape head. the tape head goes in the middle "slot"

Step 6: Done

feeed the wire3 out the top and then close the tape back up. I reccomend testing it before closing it then your done!

Step 7: Cut off...

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theadamlevy7 years ago
i remember when i was a youngin that when you wanted to take a picture you had to wait 20 until they invented the camera! so stop whining ya blabberin wippersnappers!
llama lord7 years ago
i cant see a god damn thing....
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ya, I know, those pictures suck