Tape Dispenser (5m*50mm 3M Micropore)





Introduction: Tape Dispenser (5m*50mm 3M Micropore)

Tape Dispenser (5m*50mm 3M Micropore)

Step 1: WHY???

A friend need a new tape dispenser to use the 5m*50mm version of 3M micropore.

I used FreeCAD to design the dispenser and a 3D Printer to made a real object.

Step 2: Files You Need

A 3D printer

You can take the FreeCAD files (3 files, one for the body, one for the cover pieze and another for the cylinder) (one more file is the assembly one)

or you can take the STL files ready to print (oriented files)

Here you have the files.

Step 3: Result

Here you have photos of the results of 3D printing.



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    With the freeCAD files we can make any type of dispenser, for any kind of tape.

    I think that we can use another kinds of tape in this dispenser.