Tape Dispenser Cylinder Hack With Hand Tools Only!




Introduction: Tape Dispenser Cylinder Hack With Hand Tools Only!

This is a simple hack for replacing a tape dispenser cylinder that has been lost,misplaced, or broken. This hack can be done with just hand tools.

Step 1: Items Needed

1. Tape dispenser with missing cylinder.

2. Utility Knife

3. Small diameter dowel rod.

4. Wine cork

5. Pen/Marker

6. Roll of tape

Step 2: Mark, Cut, and Install Dowel Rod

1. Mark the cork with marker the size needed to freely roll in dispenser cavity.

2. Cut the cork with utility Knife.

3. Make a point on one end of the dowel rod. This can be done with utility knife. Push pointed end of dowel rod in center of cork all the way to other end so to make only one cut.

4. Measure and Mark the dowel rod so it with fit in the rod slots.

5. Cut dowel rod at mark.

6. Install roll tape on cylinder and install on tape dispenser.

7. Simple and quick solution.



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