Picture of Tape Dispenser Prank (#3)
 Complete idea credit goes to JaySpannerz.

This is very similar to my Tape Dispenser prank (#2).

Step 1: Cut the tape

Picture of Cut the tape
 Cut anywhere from 2-100 pieces of tape, about an inch long.
kewlbanana5 years ago
 Dude. Wicked. I gave 5 *'s.
timothymh (author)  kewlbanana5 years ago
King Julien5 years ago
They pull on what looks and feels like a normal ape dispenser and discover that they can't cut it! (See image notes for more details.)

ape?  fix it.
timothymh (author)  King Julien5 years ago
I actually noticed that after I wrote it but decided to keep it. So there. :)
timothymh (author)  King Julien5 years ago
 Yeah. (see image)
203 ape dispenser.jpeg
timothymh (author)  King Julien5 years ago
 Yeah. (don't see image)