Tape Dispenser





Introduction: Tape Dispenser

Make a tape dispenser.

Step 1: Scrap

Brainstorm a rough dispenser shape with different colored scrap wood.

Step 2: Holder

Glue pieces together to create the sides.

Step 3: Base

Cut stock for a base and remove the center to hold weights.

Step 4: Ends

Glue end pieces in place.

Step 5: Weigh

Weigh the holder to make sure it is heavy enough.

Step 6: Drill

Drill holes to accommodate the tape roll pin.

Step 7: Pin

Cut a dowel to fit in the side pieces. Sand everything smooth.

Step 8: Glue

Glue all the pieces in place.

Step 9: Finish

Apply a finishing oil.

Step 10: Weights

Glue the weights to the base.

Step 11: Grip

Glue non-slip material to the bottom of the base.

Step 12: Cutter

Attach a cutter to the piece.

Step 13: Complete



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    Very nice, and as you say, excellent use of scrap wood. You've now forced me to add another project to my already too long list.

    Nice idea. This would be a perfect gift. It's marked for future needs :)

    Thx for sharing.

    Hey this is really neat. I would love to try to make this. What type of scrap wood did you use and what was the cutter made from?

    Purple heart, Maple and a few unknowns. I snagged a cutter off a broken dispenser. You could maybe use a section of old hacksaw blade or maybe a razor of some kind.