Occasionally, the spring on an auto-retracting tape measure, will become a bit sprung or stretched so that the tape will not fully retract into the case on it's own.

Well, no more trying to stuff it back in (this only makes matters worse anyways) there is a solution, especially if the case is held together with screws, like my Illinois Industrial Tool (IIT) tape.

Step 1: Assess How to Disassemble

Mine had 3 screws to remove.

The one holding the clip in, also held the center spring in place.

A careful examination revealed that there were only 3 screws in the back of the case.
<p>My case doesn't have scews so how do i open it?</p>
nice work GH, great for people who can't afford/don't want to get a new one!
Thanks... Or even if you can afford it but, if you can't get out just now, or need to finish the job quickly..... I just threw this together since I had one go BOING on me and I was able to fix it.....much faster then it took me to write up the ible actually.
haha, i guess so,
I've had one unwind on me....OUCH!
I was fortunate not to have that happen, but I can imagine, since I <strong>have</strong> had a window shade <em>spring</em> on me once when I was trying to <em>fix it</em>, <sub>the same way actually</sub> Ouch is right....<br/>
Spiffing! Now I'll go over extend so I might be able to utilize this!
:-) I wouldn't do it on purpose, it took me 4 tries to get it back together again. Besides, I didn't need to over extend it, that is what a wife is for....LOL

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