Tape Owns- Part 1: Protective Cell Phone/Mp3 Sleeve

Picture of Tape Owns- Part 1: Protective Cell Phone/Mp3 Sleeve
Make a cool sleeve for your iPod or cell phone that will protect it from water, dust, and all those other evil things. First instructable- that means no flaming :p.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You're going to need some duct tape(I chose black),clear packaging tape, scissors, x-acto knife or some other kind of razor, and (of course) your cell phone or mp3 player. You can get different colored duct tape at wal-mart or the home depot. I decided to use black because it looks classy and matches my phone.

Step 2: This is a title

Picture of this is a title
Cut out a piece of duct tape about half as long as your phone/ipod.

Step 3: Now it gets harder

Picture of now it gets harder
Fold the duct tape over. This takes practice, so if you don't get it after a couple of tries you can just stick two smaller pieces of tape together

Step 4: Ya i know waste of step

Picture of ya i know waste of step
Ya you are now done with the back cover

Step 5: Side flaps

Picture of side flaps
Get a piece of tape as long as the phone/mp3.
Fold it the long ways.

Step 6: Hahaha lolzerz a title

Picture of hahaha lolzerz a title
Tape it all together and stick the phone/mp3 in. Should look like pics. Again, sorry for the bad quality.

Step 7: Titles are a burden

Picture of titles are a burden
Cut off the excess on the top and front of phone.

Step 8: So is internet f***ing explorer

Picture of so is internet f***ing explorer
Cut out a tiny piece and fold it.

Step 9: Seriously get firefox

Picture of seriously get firefox
Tape the tiny lil thing you just made to the top.

Step 10: Internet explorer sucks

Picture of internet explorer sucks
Repeat step 2 only with the clear packaging tape and make it a little longer.

Step 11: Enough rants about the worst browser ever made(oops slipped one)

Picture of enough rants about the worst browser ever made(oops slipped one)
tape your clear cover on with more clear tape. Make sure the whole phone/mp3 is covered now. If it's not you need a longer piece of packaging tape. It should look like the picture. almost done....

Step 12: We all done now

Picture of we all done now
Use your razor to cut out holes for the charger, headphones, speaker, etc.
If you want to take the phone/mp3 out of it's sleeve then use your razor to cut out a flap at the top or bottom and tape it back together after you put the mp3/cell back in. Congratulations you're now the proud owner of a cool little sleeve for your handheld electronics(im tired of saying phone/mp3 lol)
Well, I happen to like this one. Reminds me of why I keep coming to this site. It can also be up to the person trying to do this to "try harder" to make it how they want it to look : ) Good idea, and I faved it for shear ingenuity and a creative use of common materials : )
MisterShot8 years ago
nice instructable!!!:)you dont have to buy a better camera!just dont take your shots too close to the subject!
Mace42 (author)  MisterShot8 years ago
Trust me, I will buy a better cam when I get the money. Unless you have the flash on, it takes like 10 seconds to take the picture and it blurs up no matter how far away you are. Thanks though.
what kind of digital camera has a 10 second exposure by default? do you have nightshot on?
Obsessive7 years ago
I can't really understand your steps, so I've decided I'm just going to set my phone on fire.
gatorfan947 years ago
good idea, but the description and pics were so bad i downed your rating from 0. :-(
joknrok7 years ago
Oh, come on. Can you even call this a description? More like abstract UFO photography. Try harder please! For christ sakes, people. Ever hear of trying?!
jakee1177 years ago
i upped ur rating 2 a one lol
jakee1177 years ago
oh noes! shaky hands! *cries all night* lol good instructable
bruc33ef8 years ago
Why go to all this trouble? For a candybar--type cell phone all you need is an unlubricated condom. You can see the display clearly. Doubles as an emergency water bottle. Cheap. (if you're really cheap recycle a used one!) Readily available. Conversation piece. They even come in colors. The British SAS use them to waterproof their detonators. Very reliable. Works great.
Mace42 (author)  bruc33ef8 years ago
Ya, but wheres the fun in that? I'd rather make a homemade condom and put my cell in it then go out and buy one. Trouble is fun. Trouble is unique.
do you also make home made condoms and use them as... condoms?
mrmath8 years ago
I tried this with my iPod a long time ago. I was concerned about the display, so tried to cover the openeing for it with packing tape. I had one piece sticky out, one piece sticky in. That created an interference pattern that I didn't like, so threw the whole thing out. Did you run into that with the clear tape?
Mace42 (author)  mrmath8 years ago
i don't totally understand what you just said, but i did run in to a couple of unwanted air bubles and folds here and there. I can still see everything on the screen just fine, but sometimes i press the wrong button. I have to be a little more careful when dialing numbers and playing games. It helps to use your nails(if you don't have long nails, just use the very tip of your fingers.)
go check "string tripod" instructable!will help u till u get your new cam!:)
Mace42 (author)  MisterShot8 years ago
K thanks. Nice avatar.
I'll try this with some duct tape for my phone.
Mace42 (author)  BurningApple8 years ago
dont forget the packaging tape
was there a freekin eathquake? lol, nice
Mace42 (author)  TheCheese99218 years ago
my camera takes an hour to take one picture lol it gets blurred if i jiggle my hand a milimeter. its kind of annoying.
decrease the shutter time or whatever its called or just set it on a surface
Mace42 (author)  TheCheese99218 years ago
don't see a shutter time in the menu
Mace42 (author)  Mace428 years ago
set it on a surface:
Mace42 (author)  TheCheese99218 years ago
okoshima8 years ago
flaming for tellin you not to flame.... -
Mace42 (author)  okoshima8 years ago
flaming for flaming for telling you not to flame -_-