Introduction: Taranka (Salted and Dried Fish)

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Salted and Dried fish.

A common snack in Ukrainian and Russian cultures, goes great with beer.

Bob: Do you like taranka?

Jim: What is that?

Bob: Its dried salted fish.

Jim: Is it any good?

Bob: It's like potato chips.


For this project I used:

  • Power supply 12v 0.5A from somewhere
  • --------
  • 1lb smelt wild caught
  • salt

    Step 1: Prepare a Lid

    Picture of Prepare a Lid

    Take a lid and put on it fan which you have it can be 80mm,120mm, 140mm or 200mm like I have from your old computer.

    mark the hole same diameter as your fan has.

    cut the hole by Hobby Knife or regular knife.

    I glue the piece of window screen mesh to avoid fly and insect got inside.

    I screwed fan to lid

    Step 2: Prepare Power Supply and Other Inner Staff

    Picture of Prepare Power Supply and Other Inner Staff

    Found the power supply AC/DC for 12v 0.5A somewhere in my garage.

    • Soldered the connector and insulated.
    • made three sticks from wire the 1 feet long each.
    • prepared 4-5" bamboo sticks from 99c store

    Step 3: Сhef Work

    Picture of Сhef Work

    Bought in local store fish, in my case I used smelt

    wash it, then put in any pan sprinkled with salt and put pan to refrigerator for 12-18 hours.

    Next day took the fish , sticks and then I make all salted fish strung on sticks.

    To hang out the window for one day.

    It is delicious, and because of blue lights on fan in night time it looks like small UFO come to visit you.)))

    Have Fan!


    bbqandbeer (author)2017-08-29

    Also, do you clean the fish out first or is the viscera still intact?

    garg11 (author)bbqandbeer2017-08-31

    That fish was cleaned from store, I just wash it in cold water, then put in plastic tray and sprinkled with salt.

    Also I put few napkins to avoid water and oil from fish on bottom of basket.

    garg11 (author)bbqandbeer2017-08-31

    That fish was cleaned I just wash it in cold water, then put in plastic tray and

    sprinkled with salt.

    bbqandbeer (author)2017-08-29

    That is GENIUS!! Such a great idea to dry fish/meats. I love the mesh basket part because they are easy to find here. Will definitely add to my projects list, thank you!

    garg11 (author)bbqandbeer2017-08-31

    Yes, Also I saw same mesh basket in "5 Below" store.

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